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We manage the accounting of a individual company  from 24 € / month. The price depends on the number of submitted documents: if your business is thriving and you send more documents, the price will increase. The number of employees (price for 1 employee: 37 € / month) and business trip accounting (10,50 € / unit) have the greatest impact on the price. If you already are or plan to become a VAT payer, you will inevitably need to file VAT returns, which will also affect the price.

We send invoices for the provided services every month according to the provided data. We have performed calculations and found out that the accounting services we provide will cost an average of about 107 € / month for a medium-sized company.

Advantages of our services:

  • we will provide a package of documents required for the activity free of charge (templates for orders, employment contracts, etc.);
  • we will provide you with the opportunity to use the accounting program, so you will be able to control your accounting;
  • we will respond to your inquiries on the same business day;
  • we communicate by phone, e-mail, as well as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp programs;
  • we accept documents online;
  • we communicate in Lithuanian, Russian and English;
  • we provide information on tax and legal changes free of charge;
  • we have created instructions so that the process of authorizing or signing documents with a mobile signature saves you time and does not cause inconvenience.

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