Managing neglected bookkeeping

Accounting work is sometimes forgotten or done incorrectly in various companies: both in small companies that have just started their business, and in huge companies. It doesn’t matter how long your accounting hasn’t been kept, our professionals will make sure that the documents are correct, and all the reports are submitted.

When is it necessary to manage neglected bookkeeping?

  • When reports are late.
  • When there are errors in the documents.
  • When the company has been inactive for some time.
  • When no one worked in accounting for a long time.
  • When there is no one to do accounting in the company.
  • When the former employees did not complete the preparation of the necessary documents.

What will we take care of when managing neglected bookkeeping?

  • Representing your company.
  • Preparation of financial packages.
  • By concluding settlement agreements.
  • Preparation and submission of declarations.
  • By submitting reports to state institutions.
  • Preparation of all primary accounting documents.

How much does managing neglected bookkeeping cost?

We offer maintenance of neglected bookkeeping from EUR 118,50 + VAT. If you think that your bookkeeping needs a professional look, contact us. After analyzing the current situation and the amount of work required, we will provide you with the best price and professional advice. Your time is important to us, so we will determine a period during which your accounting will be done again in a professional manner.

The price of the service depends on the amount of submitted documents.

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